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Due to the technical nature of products supplied and the volume of information requested, submitting an online enquiry through the Contact Us page is more streamlined and easier to absorb for our customers than a phone call. This way we can forward links to the relevant products in question or supplementary material. If you can’t find what you are looking for, a majority of questions can be answered by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page or viewing the Technical Data Sheets that are found on each product page.

Unfortunately no. In order to offer premium grade products at the cheapest prices in Australia, orders can only be placed online and delivered direct to your door.

Right Choice Coatings freight product to all Australian postcodes. You can also visit the Shipping page for all delivery times and pricing information.
Please visit the Shipping page for all delivery information. The actual freight pricing will appear in the shopping cart once the quantity of product required is known.
If you are unsure of which is the most appropriate sealer for your project, then the best option is to use our Product Finder. This series of short questions will guide you to the best sealer for the right application.

Each product page contains a detailed explanation of the preparation required for that particular product. In addition, the products Technical Data sheet is also available for download.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected]. We also have a comprehensive Trouble Shooting Guide that will explain any concerns that you may have and how to rectify them.

As a bulk supplier we do not provide sample pots or colour cards as these can vary from end result.

There are certain products that are not conducive to sample pots, such as the two packs (would need to do a lot of prep work to match the sample area) or penetrating sealers (due to their natural look sub-surface nature).

Pigmented floor coatings colour is a rough guide as the finish will be totally dependent on many variables including ones surfaces porosity/application spread rate/build/coats etc which may vary from sample to final application.

In addition, due to freight classifications of some items, a surcharge may be applicable regardless of whether it is 200ml or 200 litres.

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