Water Based Concrete Sealer



  • Cost From

    $0.45 per m2

  • Re-Coat

    4 - 6 hrs

  • UV Stable


  • Coverage

    5-10m2 per ltr

  • Coats


  • Equipment


  • Dilution


  • Clean Up



  • Designed for use in harsh Australian environments
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, UV stable sealer
  • Suitable for use on most interior and exterior porous surfaces
  • Natural look, non-darkening
  • Matte to semi-gloss finish

    Product Description

    Water Based Concrete Sealer is an exceptional water based, clear acrylic sealer designed for use in harsh Australian environments. This sealer is an Eco Friendly, non-toxic, UV-stable, breathable water based concrete sealer. It is suitable for use on most porous external and interior surfaces. It will not darken the substrate and keeps a more natural look, while maintaining a matte to semi gloss finish. Available in 20ltrs.

    As the Concrete Sealer dries, the polymer chains cross-link together to form a matrix seal. This matrix locks together everything in the top layers of the surface, to provide outstanding strength, stain resistance and durability. The top of this matrix forms a tough film on the surface that acts as a wear layer. The Right Choice Non Slip Additive may be used to enable application in wet areas and driveways where extra grip is required.

    Ideal For

    • Stenciled & Stamped Concrete
    • Plain & Exposed Concrete
    • Natural Stone
    • Interior or Exterior
    • Driveway’s
    • Wet areas
    • High Traffic Areas

    Coverage Rates

    20 litres will do 2 coats over approximately 70m² – 80m² (concrete porosity dependent)

    Coverage rates will be determined by how porous the concrete is (how easily water soaks in). The easier and quicker that water soaks in, the more porous the concrete is and the more product you will use.

    Surface Porosity

    • Ensure the concrete has sufficient porosity for the sealer to penetrate.
    • Dip a finger into a glass of water and apply 2-3 drops to the surface.
    • Time the amount of time it takes for the water to soak into the concrete.
    • For sufficient porosity to apply a sealer, this should be no longer than 90 seconds.
    • Repeat the test over multiple sections of the concrete substrate.
    • If under 90 seconds then the concrete has sufficient porosity for application of the sealer.
    • If longer than 90 seconds, then it may be necessary to either acid wash or diamond grind the concrete to open it up and create the required porosity.

    Quantity Estimator

    Enter the dimensions of your surface area to estimate how many tins of product you may need:

    Summary Estimation
    0 tins
    * The estimated number of tins is based on the average coverage per square metre and is to be used as a guide only, as there are many variables when estimating (ie, porosity). Please ensure you check your calculations as Right Choice Coatings cannot be held responsible if the incorrect quantity.

    Information Guides

    1. Download: Technical Data Sheet
    2. Download: Preparation Guide
    3. Download: Application Guide
    4. Download: Troubleshooting Guide

    General Notes

    • Ensure to read the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET, the PREPARATION GUIDE and the APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS thoroughly first.
    • Generally only two coats are required, however on highly porous surfaces then a third coat may be necessary.
    • It is recommended to do a test patch first to determine the suitability of the product.
    • Ensure that the concrete is a minimum of 28 days old.
    • Do not apply when the ambient temperature is below 15c or above 28c.
    • It is always advisable to apply sealers in the afternoon and in the shade.
    • Do not apply in direct sunlight when the temperatures exceed 28c.
    • The substrate must be cool to touch before applying any sealer or coating.
    • Do not apply if rain is imminent in the following 24 hours of application.
    • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for coverage.


    Surface Porosity

    • Ensure the concrete has sufficient porosity for the sealer to penetrate.
    • Dip a finger into a glass of water and apply 2-3 drops to the surface.
    • Time the amount of time it takes for the water to soak into the concrete.
    • For sufficient porosity to apply a sealer, this should be no longer than 90 seconds.
    • Repeat the test over multiple sections of the concrete substrate.
    • If under 90 seconds then the concrete has sufficient porosity for application of the sealer.
    • If longer than 90 seconds, then it may be necessary to either acid wash or diamond grind the concrete to open it up and create the required porosity.


    • The substrate must be dry and free from any rising moisture.
    • Ideally use a concrete moisture meter to determine the moisture content. If this is not available, proceed using the method below.
    • To test for moisture, cut a piece of thick black plastic into 1m².
    • Ensure that it is free from any tears or pinholes (this would render the test useless).
    • Attach the plastic to a section of the substrate (repeat in other areas) & duct tape the edges.
    • It is important that the plastic is completely sealed around all edges and free from holes.
    • After 24 hours, remove the plastic. If the concrete has darkened or there is condensation under the plastic, then the concrete is not sufficiently dry to apply a sealer or coating.
    • If the substrate is not dry enough then either wait a few more days & repeat the test or it may be necessary to use a concrete moisture barrier. Contact Right Choice for advice.


    • All substrates must be clean and free of contamination i.e. oil, grease, bird droppings etc.
    • Many of these contaminates are easily removed using the Right Choice Concrete Cleaner.
    • In some cases it may be necessary to use a concrete grinder or a light acid wash.
    • Basically, if water does not penetrate through the contamination then neither will a sealer or a coating.

    Acid Etching

    • If required, the concrete can be lightly acid etched prior to sealing. This will help to create a more porous substrate.
    • Use extreme caution and safe handling methods when using hydrochloric acid.
    • Before acid etching, make sure the concrete is cleaned properly of all contaminants, oil, grease and dirt by using the Right Choice Concrete Cleaner (mix @ 50:50 dilution with water), paying extra attention to heavily contaminated areas.
    • Rinse the Concrete Cleaner off thoroughly with clean water.
    • Dilute the hydrochloric acid with water at a rate of 1 part acid to 10 parts water. CAUTION! Always add the acid to the water, not water to acid.
    • Lightly dampen the surface so that the concrete is slightly wet but not puddling water.
    • Apply the diluted solution evenly to the surface using a watering can or similar.
    • Allow the acid to bubble on the concrete for up to 15 mins.
    • Once the bubbling has ceased, thoroughly rinse the surface off with clean water (abide by local laws for disposal).
    • Neutralise the surface using the Right Choice Concrete Cleaner (mix @ 50:50 dilution with water, highly alkaline). Brush the mixture into the surface and allow it to sit for 5-10mins before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.
    • Allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hours (weather dependant).

    *Note – If neutralising is not done correctly, acid etching can leave a white powdery residue, (calcium carbonate) on the dried surface. This is a fine white dust which can cause problems with adhesion and delamination of the coating. Once neutralising is complete, check the entire surface of the concrete. It should have a uniformed texture similar to medium grit sand paper (If not, repeat the above process). Sprinkle a few drops of water over the surface and If all the water is quickly absorbed, the surface is sufficiently oil and grease free. If the water still beads up (even if only in certain areas), then further preparation as above will be required.


    • Always wear the appropriate personal protection equipment.
    • The Water Based Concrete Sealer should be applied using a 10mm nap roller, sprayer or a broom.
    • Pour the sealer directly onto the concrete in ribbons, try to avoid pouring in large puddles.
    • Apply the sealer using the “cross hatch” method. Roll East to West and then roll again North to South (right angles to each other). Use this method for all subsequent coats.
    • Ensure to keep “wet edge” of the sealer to avoid any overlapping or roller marks.
    • Keep to the recommended application rate, do not over apply. Two thin coats are better than a single heavy coat.
    • Allow a minimum of 6-12 hours drying time in-between coats (weather dependent).
    • Ensure the first coat is clean and free of any contamination before applying the second coat.
    • Do not walk on for a minimum of 24 hours and allow 3 days before driving over.


    Product Name: Water Based Concrete Sealer

    Material: Water-based sealer

    Pack Size: 20 Litres


    •  Q – How long after I complete the installation can I park cars or drive on the sealer?
    •  A – Allow a minimum of 4 days, preferably 7 days before driving or parking on the sealer.
    • Q – How clean does the concrete need to be before I apply the sealer?
    • A – The concrete needs to spotlessly clean and also have some porosity to it, see Preparation Guide
    •  Q – What is the recoat procedure for future maintenance?
    •  A – Sand the surface smooth with 180-240 grit sandpaper. Brush down the surface to remove excess dust and then roll a fresh coat.

    16 reviews for Water Based Concrete Sealer

    1. Joe James

      Easy to apply and looks great!

      I used this product on a concrete slab in our cellar and the results are amazing. This product applies easily and we only needed 2 coats. It has a nice shine without being slippery and makes cleaning a breeze. We will be using this product for all of our sealing needs. Highly recommend

      2 1
    2. Krystyna Krol (verified owner)

      Right Choice Sealer

      Thank supplying that product.
      My husband is very happy. Looks nice and clean slightly shine.

      1 0
    3. Susan Howell (verified owner)

      Fantastic Concrete Sealer

      Great product. Easy to use, water based, great coverage and easy to apply. Better than the more expensive products I have used in the past.

      1 0
    4. Michael Ford (verified owner)

      Clear concrete sealer

      So far so good. Although we did have some rain over the weekend and I noticed that the concrete remained damp under the sealer. I gave the area 2 good coats of sealer and after seeing that I wondered if it should have had 3 coats.
      It was disappointing that my 40 litres of sealer sat in the transport depot in Adelaide before it was delivered.

      1 0
    5. Graeme Eastall

      Concrete sealer

      Good service but haven’t used product as yet

      0 1
    6. Anthony (verified owner)

      Water based concrete sealer and non slip additive

      Absolute fabulous product and super easy to apply and clean up.
      Broke it all down into 4 sections so I could evenly spread out the the slip additive as I went.
      First coat with a roller and second with a garden sprayer.
      My neighbour is impressed with the finish just as much as myself.
      Looks like she’ll be in contact shortly to purchase this product.

      2 1
    7. Brian Kilgallon (verified owner)

      Great stuff & great value

      Really appreciated the ability to have a sealed Matte finish floor which largely preserved the lightness of the concrete — used in doors.

      0 0
    8. Peter Wood (verified owner)

      Easy to handle easy to apply and clean up as to durability, only time will tell

      1 0
    9. David Mcgurn (verified owner)

      Water based sealer

      Used the water based sealer and non slip additive on the slab before shed being constructed.
      Was easy to apply with a garden sprayer the end finish was great

      0 2
    10. Ryan (verified owner)

      I used it on a block paved driveway. Great product, nice finish and easy to apply. 20L for what I paid is great value. Non-slip and a protective layer for years to come. Great customer service and detailed disclaimers and instructions.

      0 0
    11. Andy x

      Good service

      Excellent customer service for questions I had and product knowledge. Delivery very fast. Can’t comment on the product as it’s too wet to do the job. Be a few weeks before I can do it

      0 1
    12. Steve (verified owner)

      Fast delivery, easy to apply, Put 2 coats on with a roller and it looks good, time will tell how well it lasts.

      0 0
    13. Tam (verified owner)

      Fast delivery, very happy with product. I used my driveway and around the house, non slippery looking great

      0 0
    14. Roger Jennings

      This is possibly the best concrete sealer I have used. No headaches or nausea from the fumes and it was so easy to apply that my wife offered to help apply the product. The drums arrived within 4 days, service and support is excellent from this company.

      3 0
    15. Jill Werner

      Gave me excellent feedback on the appropriate product to use and when compared to other suppliers of a similar product, Right Choice Coatings was very cost effective. Unfortunately the delivery company damaged my order during transport. However, as I had taken out delivery insurance, Right Choice Coatings advised me of the situation and arranged for a replacement product to be sent immediately. Very happy with this service….yet to use the product but confident from all other reviews that it will perform as expected.

      2 0
    16. Helen Cooper

      Just love the clear concrete sealer we used on our driveway. Easy to apply with a broom as it is water based. Order delivery was fast and price was reasonable. Highly recommended 🙂 10/10

      1 0
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