Crack Repair

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  • Cost From

    $5 per l/mtr

  • Full Cure

    14 Days

  • UV Stable


  • Coverage

    10x10mm 5l/mtr

  • Coats


  • Equipment


  • Dilution


  • Clean Up



  • General use crack repair for most cementitious and masonry surfaces
  • Perfect for spalled joint repair, random joint filling and patching
  • Single application
  • Cures up to 35Mpa
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Compatible for use under all Right Choice coatings and sealers

Product Description

Crack Repair is a general use crack repair with the ability to be used on most cementitious and masonry surfaces. Suitable for internal and external projects and perfect for spalled joint repair, random joint filling and patching. It is a single application and cures up to 35Mpa with excellent adhesion properties.


It is compatible for use as a crack repair medium under all of the Right Choice Coatings & Sealers.

Ideal For

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Masonry surfaces

Coverage Rates

Approximate Coverage Rates:

  • 1kg @ 10mm deep x 10mm wide will cover approximately 5 lineal metres

Information Guide

Download: Technical Data Sheet


Product Name: Crack Repair

Pack Sizes: 1 kg

2 reviews for Crack Repair

  1. Drew

    Worked as described

  2. Simone

    Good product. My husband used it under our flake floor in the garage and said it worked well.

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